You are on purpose.

Have you ever watched a brilliant movie on a perfect night?  You know, the kind of movie that makes you laugh, cry, and maybe even reconsider life as you know it?  The kind of deep, moving film that makes you feel a certain way, that maybe you never felt before, and that feeling stays with you for a few days?  Or maybe makes you think thoughts you’ve never had before, and opens your mind up to new ideas you never thought of.

One of the things that’s amazing to me about a really great film is how much care is put into how it’s made.  Every color is picked for a reason, every piece of music is carefully arranged, every moment is planned out and prepared for, then edited shot by shot down to the very frame.

Film is shot and projected at approximately 24 frames per second.  That means that there are about 1440 frames, or individual still photographs, in about a minute of film.  In a two hour film, there are about 172,800 frames that will flick past, one after the other, so quickly that you don’t even realize each one is a separate still image.

And yet every single frame is put there by the film-maker with an express purpose.  Every frame helps set the pace, heighten the emotion, and lead us to the conclusion.
Each person is like a frame in that movie, put there for a reason.  You have a moment in time that God has assigned to you, just you, and that time is now.  You have a purpose in life, and if you love Jesus, He will work that out in you more beautifully and powerfully than you can imagine.