God can work through life crisis

Mark's Story - A door closedThere’s so much potential for discussion packed into this short video that it’s tough to know where to start.

Many guys that I know derive a large part of their identity through their work & credentials. I think God designed us that way – to love work & to love what our work says about us. We like to be needed, to be called upon, and to serve people in ways that make us feel more important.

What I love about Mark’s story is that God used the loss of his job to help him see that he was relying more heavily on his experience, connections, and credentials than he was on God. Ultimately, despite the circumstances, God remained faithful and taught Mark that He could be relied upon.

Another thing I love about Mark’s story is how God used the community around him to respond and encourage him in his time of need. It’s a great reminder to all of us to think about, pray for, and encourage others – it can mean a lot more than you’d expect.