Fun, seriously

I’ve been told I need to take this blog less seriously. The only way I know how to be funny is to just throw out a ton of random stuff, and once in a long while something will come out that’s truly, brilliantly funny that we’ll laugh about for a few minutes. Usually, I just get groans or people just don’t get the connection.

Recently I’ve been thinking about sweet spots, and wondering what mine are. You know, in your job or your life where you hit a good stride and things start to work together and you just feel right and good about what you’re doing.

Maybe as a professional, a sweet spot is a place you want to arrive someday. Or maybe a sweet spot is just a dream that keeps you pushing forward, you hit it once in a while and it makes you want to keep working until you hit it again. Kinda like an amazing punch line that’s hilariously funny in the middle of a thousand bad jokes.

Sometimes in my head I call it the shotgun approach. Kirby, now he’s the swift, sure, one shot only, dead-on-target-the-first-time archer.

Kirby’s Thought: Game Changers

Once in awhile, a person comes along and changes the game.

Hank Williams Sr. and Hank Jr. changed the country music game.

Larry Bird and Magic Johnson changed the game in the NBA.

Michael Scott (from The Office) changed the game for bosses.

Jesus is, of course, the biggest game changer of all time.

Sometimes people have a game changer in their lives.  As a teacher, I see kids on a daily basis who need game changers in their lives. Every once in awhile, I feel as though I am that game changer for a kid, but most times I don’t.

So, I ask you who the game changers in your life have been (please take a moment and share who and why)?  For me, my Dad was always the game changer.  I didn’t so much realize it until later in life, but he was the main person in my life who molded me into who I am for better or worse.  I hope that when my kids grow up that they will list me as a game changer in their life (after Jesus and along with their mother).  Take a second and think about those game changers in your life.  Say a prayer for them and try to become a game changer in the life of someone else.

Note from Phil: My friend Kirby Newell created the wildly popular Bucksclub Thought of the Day email list, and I’ve invited him to guest write for me occasionally.  Thanks Kirby for coming on board!