A Hands-on, Get Dirty Faith

I don’t know if many other people think about their faith very much, but growing up I thought about it a lot, and I realized that if I don’t embrace Jesus and the gospel message, church loses its meaning and becomes just a weekly social club, a meaningless ritual, or a way to pass the time if I’m bored on a Sunday.

If, on the other hand, I do fully embrace Jesus and the gospel, just attending church isn’t enough.

I need to live church.

That might sound weird. It makes a lot more sense if you can think of the church as the people involved, and not the building or organizational label.

It means I need to get my hands dirty. It means washing feet. That sounds romantic and disconnected from reality until it means staying up until 3 in the morning Saturday night trying to solve technical issues for a church campus I don’t personally attend. It sounds great until it means giving my last $50 to someone who is in more need than me, or bringing food to someone when we have a crazy week ourselves, or just stopping to say hi to my neighbor.

It sounds great until it’s no longer fun and it gets a little uncomfortable, and then the excuses start. I wonder if our gospel would be a stronger message if we were more willing to get our hands dirty.

I love my church not because it’s perfect, but because it is a continual challenge to live my faith out day by day, not just on Sunday morning.

Church Matters.

Mission Trip: Shooting in the streets of Juarez.

One of the complex parts of my life has been sorting out what it means to be a Christian and a communicator, and how church plays into that.

I’ve had many opportunities to use my talents and resources to help churches with media content.

I’ve also experienced friction because I am also a father and husband, and want to lead my family well, which I believe means being part of a church. That can be challenging when I become overcommitted on Sunday mornings.

We’ve experienced a lot of church turmoil, but it’s been punctuated with times of peace and connection.

I see a lot of potential for future work in partnership with churches, but I’m still trying to figure out how to realize that potential, so I feel some inner turmoil over that as well.

My temptation with church is to focus on me, when in reality, my focus should be on Christ and his work for us. Not sure why it’s so hard to remember that sometimes.

Focus, Phil!

I have three main areas of influence in my life right now.

1) My family

2) My church

3) My business

I’ve spent my adult life trying to figure out how those three areas fit together. It’s been a challenge. It’s a little crazy sometimes.

Then sometimes I’ll forget all three of those things and try something completely different that doesn’t fit anywhere.

‘Focus, Phil!’ is a challenge to myself to remember the important things and focus on what really matters in life.