Who do you follow?

When I was a kid I always looked up to the ‘old guys’ at my childhood church.  I respected the bone crushing handshakes, and later the guys who knew what they stood for and could stand their ground in a tough situation.

There’s always been someone in my life that I was close to and respected without question.  My youth group leaders, then my parents’ pastor, then the pastor of my college church, then my boss at my day job, among others.

Recently I’ve found myself in a place where the leaders all around me are getting closer and closer to my age.  I have kids.  I own a business.  I don’t always agree with the people around me. Life is a little less black and white and a bit more colorful.  Instead of just following people around me, I’m learning that I have to make many of my own decisions.

Maybe someday I’ll be the cool old guy with the tough handshake, and some kid will be looking up to me. I hope I know where I’m going by then.

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