Change is tough for those who lead

Leaders are out front, looking for the next path. I often think of it as a captain on the deck, turning the wheel and making the calls to his crew in the midst of a terrible storm. He might wish fleetingly that he could be below deck asleep, but he knows it’s his decisions that make the difference between staying on top or going down.

Even small changes create friction and unrest, in the leader as well as his followers. So here’s a few short words I wrote to myself today to manufacture a bit of courage.

“I experience friction, pressure, and opposition at every change, but over time things overall improve.

I might look crazy, but I’m not stupid. I have a plan. And despite mistakes and opposition, it most likely won’t suck in the long run.

In case it does suck, Jesus still loves me. He also forgives me. Even if no-one else does. And his plan is better than mine, includes mine, and won’t fail.

So I keep moving forward.”

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