Bootstrap Recipe

The small business experience for us has been all about how to take ‘nothing’ and create something.  A lot of people call it bootstrapping.

If this was a cookbook, our recipe would look a bit like this:

Ingredients list:
– Time
– Health
– Character
– Imagination
– Credit
– Problem solving
– Willingness to learn
– Supportive community
– Faith in God

I’m sure I’ve left out some things, but you’ll notice a complete lack of tangibles.  Our only capital was ourselves, our friends around us, and God.

When we feel outclassed and outspent by people around us, we remember that even when our bank account is a big fat zero, we still have something to work with.  We have big dreams, and complaining about what we don’t have (although we do that sometimes) doesn’t get us there!  Sometimes we feel like we have nothing, like the day I took this screenshot of my bank account, but the truth is we have everything we need to get to the next step.



Your recipe might be a little different than ours, but when discouragement hits, we break out the bootstrap recipe.

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